Email Directions

Importing Address Book To Webmail

Export Address Book from Outlook

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to File > Import and Export
  3. Choose Export to a file and click Next
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values (DOS) and click Next
  5. Click on Contacts and click Next
  6. Click on Browse and find a folder to save the address file to and name the file.  Click Next
  7. Click on Map Custom Fields
  8. Click on Clear Map.  Right box should have nothing in it.
  9. Drag from the left box to the right box the following:

· Name

· E-mail Address - click on + sign in front of E-mail and then click on E-mail Address and drag it over to the right column

· Home Address

· Business Address

· Home Phone

· Business Phone

· Mobile Phone

· Business Fax

· Job Title

· Company

  1.  Click OK
  2.  Click Finish


Import Address Book to Webmail

  1. Login to your Webmail
  2. Click on Address Book at bottom of screen
  3. Click on Import/Export at top of screen
  4. Leave the format as it is, Comma Separated Values.  The destination remains the same, My Addressbook
  5. Under Select the file to import, click on Browse.  Choose the file that has the address book you saved and click on Open
  6. Click on Import
  7. Under Select two matching fields, you must pair the Imported fields with the Available fields.  You will click on Name in the left column and click on Name in the right column.  Then click Add pair.  Repeat this step for all the Imported fields.  Notes will not be paired with anything.  Leave it.
  8. At the bottom of the screen, click on Import.
  9. To view your address book, click on Browse at the top of the screen.